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Last updated on: 10/8/13

Lax Airport Sedan Limousine and Shuttle Service is hereby committed to clients’ privacy. We let you know what we do with the information you have provided us. Lax Airport Sedan Limousine understands the importance of safeguarding personal information, which is why, we have provided you this privacy policy statement which explains how we protect your information in the course of your doing business on our web site.

Notice: Lax Airport Sedan Limousine Service always make sure that information we obtain from you on our site will be used solely for the mutual purpose of conducting business. Your personal data will never be distributed, sold, advertised, or shared with those not authorized to have access to such.

Our customer service department has chosen a few employees who are trained and responsible for handling clients’ personal information. We also maintain physical and electronic regulatory safeguard features that comply with both state and federal laws and standards regarding your protected personal information. We do not engage in any acts that would adversely affect your personal information. Your personal information can mean your address, credit card information, name, telephone number or email address to mention but a few. Using our web site is voluntary and requires no sign-up. But in other to complete your requests we need certain personal data which are held in strict confidence.

Note that there are certain instances that we cannot override to give out information. These include federal and state requests in case of a fraud that may involve the use of a credit card. Under such, we have no option but to comply with the entities mentioned above in order to complete their investigation.

Conclusion: In general, we have features to guard against any unlawful dissemination of your private data as required by existing laws. We firmly protect you.

Thank you, Management.
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