Terms & Conditions

Lax Airport Sedan Cars and Limousine Service is a legitimately licensed Southern California Airport Transportation and Limousine Company by the California public Utilities Commission with headquarters in Anaheim, Orange County. We are dedicated to serving our customers in the most efficient way possible. Lax Airport Sedan Limousine will not be held liable for any reservations made outside of our approved business channels in the event of any misrepresentation.

Lax Airport Sedan Limousine Service is not responsible for delays due to unforeseen events beyond our control. These includes all natural disasters or mechanical breakdowns and traffic jams.

  • Termination of Service: We reserve the right to terminate or shorten the contracted time of service if any of the acts below occurs in transit. (1) If a customer or member of the party becomes violent or destructive in any manner to our drivers. (2) Harasses, abuses or utters profanity language to our drivers. (3) Becomes excessively intoxicated or smokes in our vehicles that are not designated as a smoking vehicle; In which case all deposits will be forfeited by Lax Airport Sedan Cars and Limousine Service.
  • Fare Rates: Our rates change from time to time due to operational and seasonal conditions without notice to you. Confirm your fare rate on reservation. We may charge up to $50 for any waiting time 30 minutes past the scheduled reservation time unless previously arranged and agreed upon. Make sure you will be ready when our chauffeur arrives at the scheduled pickup destination. Nevertheless, up to 10 minutes is given free of charge. We are not responsible inaccurate flight arrival, departure or pickup times, we abide by the times our customers provide to us. We advise to give adequate time periods to meet travel targets. Domestic at least 2 hours and 3 hours for international flights. We will charge for sending our chauffeur out for any incorrect reservations dates and times. If we cannot contact you and our chauffeur leaves, it is considered a “NO-SHOW” and the fare rate face value will be charged without the gratuity. If you do not see your driver, please call the office at (888)635-5681 or text your chauffeur’s cell phone number that our office provided you with.
  • Cancellation Policy & Changes to Reservations: You can cancel your reservation, but it must be at least 24 hours to your scheduled pickup time or you will be charged 30% of the fare rate. We reserve the right to make changes to the vehicle type requested in order to accommodate you at any time. All changes to your reservation must be emailed or called into our office for any alterations to schedule. There are major changes that we may not be able to accommodate like changes in number of passengers, vehicle type, flight times and dates at the last minute or you wish to cancel your reservation, in which case; a charge will be incurred. You are making a reservation and affirming that you agree to these terms. Lax Airport Sedan Limousine Service and its affiliates will not be held liable in any form or manner. We reserve the right to refuse anyone service for any reason.
  • Damage to Vehicle(s): If any of our contracted party or member causes any damage to the vehicle, any cost to repair damage associated therein will be the responsibility of the member and the contracted party. This includes storage for out of commission vehicles. The damages maybe burn seats, marks, torn/soiled upholsteries, mirrors or headliners. Depending on extend of damage, limousines up to $475.00 for cleaning and sedans $375.00, vans $550. Any paint or body work damage will be charged according to the current estimated market value.
  • Personal Belongings: Lax Airport Sedan Limousine Service is not responsible for any personal property left behind in our vehicles as vehicles change from one customer to another very often. We will not be HELD LIABLE for lost belongings. We have the right to alter/amend this terms and conditions of service at any time which willalso reflect on our web site. You reserve by affirming to the above terms and conditions. Thank you for using our web site and your patronage.
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